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Jacek Borawski

1964 The Original Broadway Cast ‎– Fiddler On The Roof


A1 –Zero Mostel And Chorus* Tradition
A2 –Joanna Merlin ; Julia Migenes ; Tanya Everett Matchmaker, Matchmaker
A3 –Zero Mostel If I Were A Rich Man
A4 –Zero Mostel ; Maria Karnilova And Chorus* Sabbath Prayer
A5 –Zero Mostel ; Michael Granger And Men* To Life
A6 –Austin Pendleton Miracle Of Miracles
B1 –Zero Mostel ; Maria Karnilova ; Sue Babel ; Carol Sawyer And Chorus* Tevye’s Dream (The Tailor Motel Kamzoil)
B2 –Zero Mostel ; Maria Karnilova And Chorus* Sunrise, Sunset
B3 –Bert Convy ; Julia Migenes Now I Have Everything
B4 –Zero Mostel ; Maria Karnilova Do You Love Me?
B5 –Julia Migenes ; Zero Mostel Far From The Home I Love
B6 –Zero Mostel ; Maria Karnilova ; Beatrice Arthur ; Michael Granger ; Leonard Frey ; Paul Lipson Anatevka

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Data: środa, 13 Marzec, 2024
Autor: Jacek Borawski

1976 Boston ‎– I

More Than A Feeling 4:44 Peace Of Mind 4:55 Foreplay/Long Time 7:56 Rock & Roll Band 2:59 Smokin’ 4:44 Hitch A Ride 3:18 Something About You 4:19 Let Me Take You Home Tonight 4:12

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Data: sobota, 9 Marzec, 2024
Autor: Jacek Borawski

1979 The Beach Boys – L.A. (Light Album)

A1 Good Timin’ 2:10 A2 Lady Lynda 3:58 A3 Full Sail 3:28 A4 Angel Come Home 3:54 A5 Love Surrounds Me 3:37 A6 Sumahama 4:28 B1 Here Comes The Night 10:57 B2 Baby Blue 3:21 B3 Goin’ South 3:14 B4 Shortenin’ Bread 2:48

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Data: piątek, 8 Marzec, 2024
Autor: Jacek Borawski

1976 Tangerine Dream ‎– Stratosfear

A1 Stratosfear 10:04 A2 The Big Sleep In Search Of Hades 4:45 B1 3AM At The Border Of The Marsh From Okefenokee 8:10 B2 Invisible Limits 11:40

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