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Jacek Borawski

1977 Eddie Money ‎– I


A1 Two Tickets To Paradise 3:58
A2 You’ve Really Got A Hold On Me 3:45
A3 Wanna Be A Rock ‚N’ Roll Star 4:02
A4 Save A Little Room In Your Heart For Me 4:57
A5 So Good To Be In Love Again 4:12
B1 Baby Hold On 3:31
B2 Don’t Worry 3:45
B3 Jealousys 3:59
B4 Got To Get Another Girl 3:26
B5 Gamblin Man 4:02

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Data: środa, 26 Lipiec, 2023
Autor: Jacek Borawski

1979 Gillan ‎– Mr. Universe

A1 Second Sight 2:33 A2 Secret Of The Dance 2:54 A3 She Tears Me Down 5:07 A4 Roller 4:43 A5 Mr. Universe 6:14 B1 Vengeance 3:34 B2 Puget Sound 4:23 B3 Dead Of Night 4:04 B4 Message In A Bottle 3:09 B5 Fighting Man 7:28

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Data: poniedziałek, 24 Lipiec, 2023
Autor: Jacek Borawski

1975 Yes ‎– Yesterdays

A1 America 9:40 A2 Looking Around 3:49 A3 Time And A Word 4:25 A4 Sweet Dreams 3:50 B1 Then 5:45 B2 Survival 6:01 B3 Astral Traveller 5:45 B4 Dear Father 4:00

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Data: wtorek, 20 Czerwiec, 2023
Autor: Jacek Borawski

1979 Van Morrison – Into The Music

A1 Bright Side Of The Road 3:45 A2 Full Force Gale 3:14 A3 Stepping Out Queen 5:27 A4 Troubadours 4:38 A5 Rolling Hills 2:50 A6 You Make Me Feel So Free 4:06 B1 Angeliou 6:49 B2 And The Healing Has Begun 8:00 B3 It’s All In The Game 5:08 B4 You Know What They’re Writing About 5:38

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