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Jacek Borawski

1979 Angelic Upstarts ‎– Teenage Warning


A1 Teenage Warning
A2 Student Power
A3 The Young Ones
A4 Never Again
A5 We Are The People
A6 Liddle Towers
B1 I’m An Upstart
B2 Small Town Small Mind
B3 Youth Leader
B4 Do Anything
B5 Let’s Speed
B6 Leave Me Alone

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Data: środa, 26 Lipiec, 2023
Autor: Jacek Borawski

1979 Gillan ‎– Mr. Universe

A1 Second Sight 2:33 A2 Secret Of The Dance 2:54 A3 She Tears Me Down 5:07 A4 Roller 4:43 A5 Mr. Universe 6:14 B1 Vengeance 3:34 B2 Puget Sound 4:23 B3 Dead Of Night 4:04 B4 Message In A Bottle 3:09 B5 Fighting Man 7:28

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Data: poniedziałek, 24 Lipiec, 2023
Autor: Jacek Borawski

1975 Yes ‎– Yesterdays

A1 America 9:40 A2 Looking Around 3:49 A3 Time And A Word 4:25 A4 Sweet Dreams 3:50 B1 Then 5:45 B2 Survival 6:01 B3 Astral Traveller 5:45 B4 Dear Father 4:00

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Data: wtorek, 20 Czerwiec, 2023
Autor: Jacek Borawski

1979 Van Morrison – Into The Music

A1 Bright Side Of The Road 3:45 A2 Full Force Gale 3:14 A3 Stepping Out Queen 5:27 A4 Troubadours 4:38 A5 Rolling Hills 2:50 A6 You Make Me Feel So Free 4:06 B1 Angeliou 6:49 B2 And The Healing Has Begun 8:00 B3 It’s All In The Game 5:08 B4 You Know What They’re Writing About 5:38

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