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Jacek Borawski

1997 Blackmore’s Night ‎– Shadow Of The Moon

shdwo f 97

Shadow Of The Moon 5:07
The Clock Ticks On 5:14
Be Mine Tonight 2:51
Play Minstrel Play 3:58
Ocean Gypsy 6:05
Minstrel Hall 2:36
Magical World 4:01
Writing On The Wall 4:35
Renaissance Faire 4:16
Memmingen 1:06
No Second Chance 5:38
Mond Tanz 3:33
Spirit Of The Sea 4:50
Greensleeves 3:47
Wish You Were Here 5:02

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Data: piątek, 3 Kwiecień, 2020
Autor: Jacek Borawski

1993 Supreme Dicks ‎– The Unexamined Life

In A Sweet Song 4:31 The Arabian Song 4:32 The Sun’s Bells 5:35 Jack Smith 3:39 That I May Never Forget And Stay 2:25 Garden Of Your Past 2:40 Jack- O-Lantern 3:25 River Song 3:32 The Fallout Song 4:18 Azure Dome 5:03 The Forest Song Or Especially When The October Wind With Frosty Fingers, Punishes My Hair 5:26 Hyacinth Girls 2:18 Ten …

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Data: piątek, 3 Kwiecień, 2020
Autor: Jacek Borawski

1987 Primal Scream ‎– Sonic Flower Groove

A1 Gentle Tuesday A2 Treasure Trip A3 May The Sun Shine Bright For You A4 Sonic Sister Love A5 Silent Spring B1 Imperial B2 Love You B3 Leaves B4 Aftermath B5 We Go Down Slowly Rising

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Data: czwartek, 2 Kwiecień, 2020
Autor: Jacek Borawski

1989 Paradox ‎– Heresy

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