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Jacek Borawski

1972 Peter Frampton ‎– Wind Of Change


Fig Tree Bay 3:31
Wind Of Change 3:00
Lady Lieright 2:51
Jumping Jack Flash 5:16
It’s A Plain Shame 3:09
Oh For Another Day 3:51
All I Want To Be (Is By Your Side) 6:25
The Lodger 5:40
Hard 4:26
Alright 4:21

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Data: piątek, 11 Czerwiec, 2021
Autor: Jacek Borawski

1979 The Adverts ‎– Cast Of Thousands

A1 Cast Of Thousands A2 The Adverts A3 My Place A4 Male Assault A5 Television’s Over B1 Fate Of Criminals B2 Love Songs B3 I Surrender B4 I Looked At The Sun B5 I Will Walk You Home

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Data: piątek, 11 Czerwiec, 2021
Autor: Jacek Borawski

1980 Killing Joke ‎– I

A1 Requiem 3:44 A2 Wardance 3:47 A3 Tomorrow’s World 5:30 A4 Bloodsport 4:46 B1 The Wait 3:41 B2 Complications 3:06 B3 S.O.36 6:52 B4 Primitive 3:34

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Data: czwartek, 10 Czerwiec, 2021
Autor: Jacek Borawski

1975 Gong ‎– Shamal

A1 Wingful Of Eyes 8:19 A2 Chandra 7:16 A3 Bambooji 5:21 B1 Cat In Clark’s Shoes 7:45 B2 Mandrake 5:07 B3 Shamal 8:58

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