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Jacek Borawski

Po godzinach

Data: środa, 28 Lipiec, 2021
Autor: Jacek Borawski

1980 Klaus Schulze ‎– Dig It


Death Of An Analogue 12:20
Weird Caravan 5:20
The Looper Isn’t A Hooker 8:20
Synthasy 23:10

Data: wtorek, 27 Lipiec, 2021
Autor: Jacek Borawski

1972 Rolling Stones ‎– Exile On Main St.


A1 Rocks Off 4:33
A2 Rip This Joint 2:24
A3 Shake Your Hips 2:58
A4 Casino Boogie 3:30
A5 Tumbling Dice 3:30
B1 Sweet Virginia 4:25
B2 Torn And Frayed 3:40
B3 Sweet Black Angel 3:05
B4 Loving Cup 4:22
C1 Happy 3:00
C2 Turd On The Run 2:33
C3 Ventilator Blues 3:20
C4 I Just Want To See His Face 3:15
C5 Let It Loose 5:17
D1 All Down The Line 3:50
D2 Stop Breaking Down 4:34
D3 Shine A Light 4:15
D4 Soul Survivor 3:50

Data: poniedziałek, 26 Lipiec, 2021
Autor: Jacek Borawski

1981 Bow Wow Wow – See Jungle! See Jungle! Go Join Your Gang, Yeah. City All Over! Go Ape Crazy


A1 Jungle Boy
A2 Chihuahua
A3 Sinner, Sinner, Sinner
A4 Mickey Put It Down
A5 I Am A TV Savage
A6 Elimination Dancing
B1 Golly! Golly! Go Buddy!
B2 King Kong
B3 Go Wild In The Country
B4 I Am Not A Know It All
B5 Why Are Babies So Wise
B6 Orang-Outang
B7 Hello, Hello Daddy (I’ll Sacrifice You)

Data: niedziela, 25 Lipiec, 2021
Autor: Jacek Borawski

1982 The Dream Syndicate ‎– The Days Of Wine And Roses


A1 Tell Me When It’s Over 3:27
A2 Definitely Clean 3:25
A3 That’s What You Always Say 3:08
A4 Then She Remembers 4:03
A5 Halloween 6:29
B1 When You Smile 4:10
B2 Until Lately 6:50
B3 Too Little, Too Late 3:17
B4 The Days Of Wine And Roses 7:22

Data: sobota, 24 Lipiec, 2021
Autor: Jacek Borawski

1981 Adam And The Ants ‎– Prince Charming


A1 Scorpios 2:44
A2 Picasso Visita El Planeta De Los Simios 3:28
A3 Prince Charming 3:16
A4 5 Guns West 4:59
A5 That Voodoo 4:13
B1 Stand And Deliver 3:34
B2 Mile High Club 2:42
B3 Ant Rap 3:22
B4 Mowhok 3:26
B5 S. E. X. 5:18

Data: sobota, 24 Lipiec, 2021
Autor: Jacek Borawski

1981 Zounds ‎– The Curse Of Zounds


A1 Fear
A2 Did He Jump
A3 My Mummy’s Gone
A4 Little Bit More
A5 This Land
B1 New Band
B2 Dirty Squatters
B3 Loads Of Noise
B4 Target / Mr. Disney / The War Goes On

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