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Jacek Borawski

Po godzinach

Data: niedziela, 9 Październik, 2016
Autor: Jacek Borawski

1956 Dave Brubeck – Brubeck Plays Brubeck



A1 Swing Bells
A2 Walkin’ Line
A3 In Your Own Sweet Way
A4 Two-Part Contention
B1 Weep No More
B2 The Duke
B3 When I Was Young
B4 One Moment Worth Years
B5 The Waltz

Data: sobota, 8 Październik, 2016
Autor: Jacek Borawski

1979 Skiantos ‎– Kinotto


Mi Piaccion Le Sbarbine 2:57
Non Ti Sopporto Più 3:29
Ti Rullo Di Kartoni 2:23
Kakkole 1:47
Sono Un Teppista 3:37
Non Farò Mai Quello Che Vuoi 3:03
Gelati 2:54
Kinotto 2:06
Se Mi Ami Amami 2:35
Freezer 4:22
Sono Buono 2:23
Il Rock Ti Da Lo Shock 3:01
Tu Sei Bellissima 1:22

Data: piątek, 7 Październik, 2016
Autor: Jacek Borawski

1979 Poobah ‎– Steamroller


A1 You Don’t Love Me
A2 Rock And Roll
A3 Integrated Circuit
A4 She’s The Kind Of Lover
B1 Jump Thru The Golden Ring
B2 Frustration
B3 Steamroller
B4 Don’t Change

Data: czwartek, 6 Październik, 2016
Autor: Jacek Borawski

1979 Joe Jackson – Look Sharp!


A1 One More Time 3:17
A2 Sunday Papers 4:22
A3 Is She Really Going Out With Him? 3:35
A4 Happy Loving Couples 3:08
A5 Throw It Away 2:53
B1 Baby Stick Around 2:37
B2 Look Sharp! 3:22
B3 Fools In Love 4:24
B4 (Do The) Instant Mash 3:11
B5 Pretty Girls 2:54
B6 Got The Time 2:51

Data: środa, 5 Październik, 2016
Autor: Jacek Borawski

1979 Joe Jackson ‎– I’m The Man


On Your Radio 4:01
Geraldine And John 3:13
Kinda Kute 3:30
It’s Different For Girls 3:42
I’m The Man 3:57
The Band Wore Blue Shirts 5:03
Don’t Wanna Be Like That 3:41
Amateur Hour 4:04
Get That Girl 3:02
Friday 3:34

Data: wtorek, 4 Październik, 2016
Autor: Jacek Borawski

1979 L.voag ‎– The Way Out


House X-axis
X1 Front Door
X2 Hall
X3 Kitchen
X4 Toilet
X5 Living Room
X6 Bedroom
X7 The Way Out
Chat Y-axis
Y1 The Lengthy Pause
Y2 Franco’s Prayer
Y3 The Raw End (Of The Tits, Bum & Challenge Deal)
Y4 Boxing and Sparring (With The Third Dimension)
Y5 The Goalkeepers Fear Of The Piss-Up
Y6 Planning – Budgeting – Shopping
Y7 Helping The Police With Their Enquiries
Y8 Your Own Hair – Your Own Chance
Y9 El Cada Dia Del Genté Comun
Y10 The Tuned Knife And Fork Toned Down To A Light Lunch
Y11 The Monumental